Portable Paw Washer

Portable Paw Washer

Dr Karen Becker recommends FOOT SOAKS for disinfecting dog paws with itchiness and exposed to certain contaminants like salts, pesticides, mud’s, leaves and all environmental allergens that exposes to your dog paws specifically on summer when they are not wearing socks at play. When these allergens can’t be cured, your dogs will began licking continuously that may lead to irritation. To avoid these instances, we always have to disinfect their paws by doing FOOT SOAK after their playing time.

Cure Irritated or Itchy Bulldog Paws:  Foot Soak

  • For small dogs you can do it on kitchen or laundry sinks. For big ones, take them to your showers room or to a plastic sweater tub
  • Fill some water.
  • Add organic IODINE to the water until iced tea color.
  •  Let your dog stand in the tub for 30seconds long
  • Get your dog step out and pack the feet dry
  • Get your laundry tub and add Betadine solution to disinfect your dog paws
  • Let your dog stand in the tub for 1-2 minutes long and dry the feet.

Now you know how to effectively cure irritated or itchy Bulldog paws, act on them today.




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