My name is Marcus. My family and I wanted to own Bulldog for the longest time. The reason? Apart from their gorgeous looks, their gentle but keen characters, their devotion towards their owners and their enthusiasm towards life, they make for great family companions.

But before I went out and brought home the first bulldog that caught my fancy, there was a lot of learning to be done. I had to educate myself about the various bulldog breeds in order to find the one that would fit in perfectly with our family, how to care for my pooch and provide my pet with a loving and nurturing environment for him to survive and grow in, keeping in mind that bulldogs are prone to certain genetic health issues and need good care on a regular basis. It wasn’t an easy decision to make and took a lot of insight into the breed and introspection on my part as well.

Since I experienced firsthand the amount of research and knowledge it takes to establish the right bulldog breed for a family, I decided to share everything I learnt on the internet about Bulldogs that a prospective or existing owner needs to know.
If you don’t want to make the mistakes that other owners have already made, there is plenty of helpful information for you on training and caring for your Bulldog right here.