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The bullmastiff is a cross between the English Mastiff and the Old English Bulldog. These dogs, the bullmastiffs, were originally developed by gamekeepers during the 19nth century in England to keep guard of estates and stop thieves from breaking into mansions and palaces of the nobles. Today they are often used as police and military guard dogs because they are tough, fearless and most of all silent. Bullmastiffs are also intelligent, even tempered, calm and loyal dogs which need firm human leadership. They are consistent with rules as they are docile but at the same time affectionate.

Training a bullmastiff is like exploring unchartered territories. Gaining their trust and establishing your leadership to them will require you a good amount of thorough and intelligent but also sensitive training skills. Now don’t get me wrong, they are not really that hard to train, they just need a little bit of assertive authority coming from the owner or the trainer.

Training a Bullmastiff & Me - בול מאסטיף ואני

By Eran Finkle from Flickr.com

Simple Bullmastiff Training Tips

  1. The best way to train dogs, particularly bullmastiffs, is to start when they are young. Start when they are still puppies. Their size makes it easier for you to control them also giving you a chance to introduce to them your rules.
  2. Consistency is the key to training a bullmastiffs.  You need to practice the same things every day in a certain time, though bullmastiffs are intelligent breeds, it will also take them a considerable amount of time to understand what you are saying. Consistency of actions can help reinforce the bullmastiffs understanding on what you want them to do.
  3. Communication is also essential in training a bullmastiff. Start with simple signs or hand gestures that will signify them to move. You can start by using a collar or a leash as a guide in telling them where to go and what you want them to do. For instance, if you want them to sit down, you can pull up on the collar while pushing their back end down. Do things like these frequently so that these simple gestures will register to their minds. The next time you do it again, they will hopefully know what to do.
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    Rewards are also an important concept in training a bullmastiff. Do not forget to reward them every time they correctly do their tasks. Simple acts like these will let them know that what they are doing is right and will give them positive reinforcement to be good in something that they do whenever you ask them.

  5. Bullmastiffs also understand punishments. Do not hesitate to reprimand them whenever they do something naughty or unpleasant like taking a pee in the garden, tearing down your bed sheets and pillows, nibbling your footwear and the like.

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  6. Make it a point to walk your dog in parks or around your neighborhood. Like humans they also need to socialize with other dogs and exercise to. While walking in gateways or doorways, go first, the dog must be at your side or walking behind you. This is important because dog instincts tell them that the pack leader goes first. This should also help you in establishing authority.
  7. Do not forget to always keep your bullmastiff in good shape. A balanced diet, good food and lots of exercise are secrets to keeping your bullmastiff in great shape. Keeping him clean is also a must. Wash your dog once in a while, clean the wrinkles, cut his nails regularly and check his paws. Also, do not forget to monitor his temperature especially on hot days. If your dog shows signs of dehydration or heat stroke cool him down quickly.

While these tips might be of good help to you when it comes to taking care  and training a bullmastiff, always remember that nothing can still beat the importance of establishing a good relationship between you, the owner, and your dog, the bullmastiff. Always remember that the goal of training a bullmastiff is not for your dog to fear or you but to love you in any way possible, because obedience is better established with love than with fear.