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Zephyr from Miami Dog Training gives us a few pointers and tips about the basics of taking care of your bulldog.

First of all, bulldogs are one of the brachycephalic breeds. This means that their muzzle is shorter compared to other breeds. This presents a lot of health issues for the breed but none which cannot be remedied. Brachycephalic breeds tend to overheat easily as they have more difficulty breathing due to the shape of their noses. Because dogs regulate their body temperature through breathing, a bulldog’s snub nose makes it hard for it to cool off compared to non-brachycephalic breeds.

In addition, bulldogs will find it hard to cool off in places with a warm climate, or during the warmer seasons such as summer and spring. Because of their difficulty breathing, bulldogs need more attention during such conditions. To keep your dog from overheating, always make sure their water bowls are never without water. From time to time, check it to make sure it’s full as water evaporates faster in warmer climates. Furthermore, after a good walk and exercise, make sure to hose your dog down or give them a shower to help them cool off. Or better yet, maybe you can play in the yard with the sprinklers on.

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Also, their snub noses have these iconic creases and folds. These creases and folds are actually just loose skin around the nose and under the eyes. However, over time, the folds can accumulate moisture and dirt which then becomes an ideal starting point for infections. To prevent skin infections, which most bulldogs suffer from, bulldog skin folds need to be cleaned regularly. Baby wipes will work but there are specialized wipes that are compatible with a dog’s ph sensitivity and absorbs more moisture.

Bulldogs are awesome pets. However, they require some attention due to health risks innate in the breed. But other than that, bulldogs will make great pets for your home.