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Matt and Ace have been having problems with their overly aggressive French bulldog. As one of the couple puts it, their dog has been having episodes of hyperactivity which sometimes result to aggressive behavior. But it’s a good thing that Cesar Millan is nearby to give these rocking couple a helping hand.

French bulldogs, like all bulldog breeds are very persistent. At times, it’s hard to get their attention if they are engrossed in something that has attracted their curiosity or excitement. But like all other dogs, these kinds of behaviors can be remedied through proper training.

Specifically, Matt’s and Ace’s problem with their frenchie is that their dog gets overly excited when guests come over. She would jump them and nip at them in her excitement. As severe a problem as it may appear, Cesar’s solution is simple: control.

Control over your French Bulldog when he is excited deal with concepts such as: leadership, superiority over your dog, and your alpha dog status. When these concepts are clear between you and your dog, training becomes quite easy.

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In this case, Cesar has already established an authority over dogs just by his posture and body language alone and he uses it to his advantage. The key he says, in this case, is not to remove the dog from the guest (or the guest from the dog) but to teach him how to greet the visitor. Cesar demonstrates how claiming the visitor as your guest makes the dog understand that a guest should not be jumped on or nipped.

Cesar Millan deals with all kinds of dog behavior problems there is. In his book entitled ‘How to Raise the Perfect Dog‘, he discusses all the things you need to know on how you can properly train your pet pooch into becoming the perfect canine companion. This revolutionary book is specially designed so that you, a pet owner, will not have to go through the pains of having a misbehaved dog. With his book, you will be thoroughly guided and taught the important concepts of being a pack leader which is a precursor to other concepts of dog training. Grab a copy now!

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