How many times have you asked or heard the question being asked: “Hey! What breed is that dog?” or “Is that a purebred?” Probably more times than you can remember or count. Dogs that don’t make the grade as ‘purebreds’ automatically fall into the category of mongrels, mutts, cross-breeds, half-mixes, mixed-breeds etc.

The ugly truth is that most people prefer a good-looking or handsome pet with a peculiar but predictable temperament which cannot be guaranteed with a hybrid. Most folks conveniently forget the fact that the breeds deemed as ‘pure’ today are the mongrels and hybrids of the yester-years. They evolved over the centuries from various generations of cross-breeding until they were finally recognized as a breed.

Bully mixes, just like their purebred cousins, are extremely attached to their human families and make for loyal, courageous pets. There are misconceptions and prejudices abound about the temperamental hybrid bulldog breeds. As a result, most of these mixed breed pups end up in shelters or pounds by the age of two or three, even though the owners adopt them with good intentions to begin with.

Adopting a mixed or hybrid bulldog is a big responsibility and requires commitment and ample knowledge. From educating yourself about what questions to ask the breeder to learning the questions you need to ask yourself as a pet owner, we are here to support you in this journey.

We, at Bulldog, strive to provide potential and existing bulldog owners with vital and accurate information on bulldog mixes and hybrids to help you make an informed decision before deciding to adopt a pet and to help you educate yourself and learn about the needs of your pet once you have made the decision.

A note to all prospective bulldog owners: Do not adopt a bulldog without gathering enough information about what it takes to keep a pet, what type of pet would fit in best with your family, whether your family is inclined towards accepting one, what are the costs and efforts involved and lastly, whether you are ready to put in the kind of commitment required to love and cherish this loyal companion.