All Natural Dog Shampoo Oatmeal AloeExcessive scratching can lead to various ailments in our dogs. It can lead to hot spots, infections, bald spots, and other skin problems for our dogs. And it is for these reasons that many pet owners, as we speak, would like to learn how to train their dogs not to scratch.

Antiseptic Anti-Itch Spray BulldogBut before you can begin to teach your dog to stop scratching, the first thing you need to do is to identify the root cause of the scratching. Here are some of the major causes of excessive scratching on bulldogs:


Infections can cause your bulldog to scratch itself excessively. Skin infections in particular will have your dog scratching like crazy. These infections can either be caused by bacteria build-up, yeast, or maybe even a fungal infection. No matter which kind it is, your dog’s immediate reflex would be to scratch it.

If you want a good remedy I would advise washing your dog with All Natural Earthbath Pet Shampoo which is safe, gentle and effective. After the shampoo bath wash off and dry and use bath you can use a antiseptic anti-itch Spray called Vetoquinol Allercaine with Bittran II Antiseptic Anti-Itch Spray which helps control the compulsive scratching. Safe for all dogs over 6 weeks.

Signs of infection can be spotted if you examine your dog closely. Infections usually come in forms of greasy sores, hairless patches, and red swells in the area where the dog scratches.

AllergensAnti Itch Dog Shampoo

Allergic reaction is also a common reason why a dog will scratch himself furiously. Similar to how we humans react to allergies, dogs will scratch and scratch if they have an allergic reaction. Allergies can be cauAloe Vera Dog Shampoosed by a number of things such as food, pests, plants, and dust.


As mentioned above, food can also be a source of allergies. However, lack of food can also cause bad health. One of the signs that a dog is healthy will appear on its coat. Malnutrition on bulldogs can sometimes be spotted on how dry its coat and skin is. Dry skin will then lead to itching, and then, scratching.

These causes mentioned above can be treated easily with either some exercise, medication, or a change or addition in diet. Baths with medicated soap will sometimes cure sores and skin infections. As for allergies, antihistamines are readily available upon the vet’s recommendation. However, there is one more cause of excessive scratching that may need special attention and treatment.

Bulldog scratching, scratch

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Neurogenic Causes

Neurogenic scratching is a nervous issue which can be caused by excessive licking and chewing. How this issue comes about may be attributed to lack of exercise, mental stimulation, boredom, and anxieties experienced by our dogs. However, never jump to concluding that your dog’s excessive scratching is a neurogenic disorder. To properly identify the cause, always consult your veterinarian regarding your dog’s scratching issue. Your vet can single out physical and physiological causes. Only then can it be a neurogenic cause that’s getting your dog scratching excessively.

Possible recommendations for treatment will include using cones for your dog which will hinder him from reaching and scratching hot spots. And while your dog is getting used to the cone, give him plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. This will allow the dog to readjust and take his attention away from scratching.


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