Dogs pant for a reason. They do this because through panting, they are able to regulate their body heat. While most dogs can acclimate to sudden changes in temperatures, there are those that may find it hard to do so.

Bulldogs are such breeds that have a hard time adjusting to warm temperatures. Because of the shape of their nose, breathing just seems like hard labor. Thus, they have to constantly pant just to keep up even on a regular day. And because the weather can get warm at times, especially during summer time, it is important to know how you can keep your bulldog from overheating.

We humans usually just stay out of the heat to avoid heating up. Similarly, dogs should also be kept away from the heat to keep them cool. Staying indoors or under the shade during hot days will definitely be better. And while you are indoors with your bulldog, make sure that he is hydrated.

dog waterer with microbanHydration also helps dogs cool off. Because water has oxygen in it, being hydrated means your dog is getting enough oxygen not just by breathing –which may be difficult for them during the warmer seasons. Make sure that your dog’s water bowl is never empty. And better yet, you can also put two water bowls for your dog.

As an alternative, a damp towel will also help your dog keep cool. Because even under the shade can still be too warm, a damp towel will serve as a cooling pad for your bulldog. He can lie on it when he gets too hot. Similarly, a jug of water will also serve as a good cooling pad. Just leave the jug on the floor and your dog can just lie next to it to get cooler.

Bulldogs are delicate creatures despite their menacing looks. And while they may look tough on the outside, they are very susceptible to overheating and should always be kept hydrated and away from too much heat.

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