Pooper Scooper

Pooper Scooper

Expert Heidi Dixner talks about how to potty train a puppy. Pottying a Puppy is good to be done by conditioning them to live a healthy and clean environment. Try to let them sleep and play in a clean area every day. The use of Crate training is very useful in potty training. Be consistent to take them to a particular area or to a specific part in the yard where you can do potty training. Your consistency will be rewarded in a short time as long as your dog will get used to it every day.

Bulldog puppy, Peaches

Bulldog puppy, Peaches”Vivian Chen 陳培雯 (Flickr.com)

Accidents may occur sometimes but don’t stress your bulldog puppy about it. Just accept the occurrence and then go with the training sessions. Take your puppy calmly and tell them if they made a mistake. A simple ‘NO’ is enough to let them know their doing bad.

Remember to always take the poop in the wrong spot so your puppy will not consider pooping the same area again unless on the bathroom. A clean environment makes a potty training more easily!

These handy dog waste bags are a must when you take out your dog. They also come with a handy dispenser. Earth Rated claims that their poop bags completely biodegrade within 24 months. There are also corn-based, compostable bags that are biogradable & Certified Compostable so very safe for the environment leak proof and will break down in just 90 daysl.

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