Bulldogsare generally a dominant breed when it comes to socializing with other dogs. Even as young as a puppy, bulldog pups may already display a bullying attitude. A bulldog puppy may begin to play rough with other dogs to assert their dominance, or even try to dominate over their human. Although this trait is natural, it may translate into violent or aggressive behavior when the bulldog becomes used to dominating. And in worse cases, the bulldog may even attack a human or become aggressive at a human when its dominance is threatened. Such as in the case handled by famous dog whisperer Cesar Millan.




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There are several telltale signs that your bulldog is becoming aggressive. Passive bulldog aggression, for example is when your bulldog suddenly becomes passive, or refuses to obey commands. This is a sign that your dog is trying dominate you. Although passive bulldog aggression is just an initial sign, once unattended it may ultimately lead to your dog relinquishing you of your pack-leader status.

A second sign is furniture or toy guarding. All bulldogs can become ferocious when it comes to guarding their food. This is, however, normal as in some other dog breeds. What is unacceptable, however, is when he acts the same way when it comes to guarding a toy or even furniture. This is a sign that your bulldog is asserting its superiority over you. Beyond this point, your bulldog may then become very aggressive and even want to pick a fight with you, or other members of your family. This type of behavior is highly discouraged and should immediately be addressed.


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The cause of this aggressive behavior can be attributed to weak human assertion of superiority. As a pet owner, especially of a bulldog, you must assert your superiority and position in the pack. You must be the leader of your pack. Just like what Cesar Millan did on the video, he is training the bulldog to become submissive by asserting that he, or the human, is superior over him.

If your bulldog is displaying signs of aggressive behavior, do not become permissive about it or even passive about the sudden change of behavior. If you can do it yourself, train your dog in such a way that he sees you as the dominant one. Or, you can contact a trainer that can help you and your bulldog remedy the situation.

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