House Train Your Bulldog Puppy

House Train Your Bulldog Puppy

Many dogs end up in shelters every year not because they have become too old. Most dogs that end up in shelters are products of bad owners that have neglected them or have abused them. The video shows just some of these dogs that were rescued from their harsh conditions and nursed back to health. Although some have not survived, there are still those who have triumphed and have been adopted into better homes.

There are also many cases of English bulldogs that suffer from neglect and abuse by incompetent owners. Because of this, many English bulldogs, similar to those seen in the video suffer from sever pest infestation, infected wounds, and malnourishment. As what you have probably seen, these dogs have even lost their hair because of the gravity of the flea infestation. It is definitely not a good sight to see, but it is also important for us dog owners to be exposed to the harsh realities of what neglect can do to our beloved canine friends.

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The other side to this story, however, is the successes that most of these dogs when they were able to be nursed back to full health and some were even accepted into more loving homes than their previous ones. Indeed, stories such as these are very heartwarming. But let us not forget that there are still more neglected dogs out there that need rescuing.

As proactive pet owners and breeders, we must be vigilant in spotting dogs that need rescuing. If you see a stray dog in your neighborhood that you feel needs to be rescued or helped, contact your animal welfare organization and find a way to solve the problem. If, however, you see a dog neglected or abused by its owners, you may also want to contact the authorities and see if there is any way you can rescue the abused canine.