Heartworms are a very serious condition that affects our pet dogs, and now we know that it can also affects cats. Heartworms on bulldogs are parasitic worms that reside in the heart of a bulldog which are transmitted to them through mosquito bites. And because these worms reside in the heart, they interfere with the heart’s function, and in the worst case scenario, even infect the heart chambers leaving the host animal weak.

February 17, 2011

By lloydcrew from Flickr.com

Luckily, heartworms on bulldogs can be prevented. As a way to prevent your dog from getting infected with heartworms, a good measure includes providing your dog with protection from mosquitoes. If your dog stays outside or has its own doghouse, make sure that it is clean and mosquito-free. Always check for stagnant water in the surroundings or any places that mosquitoes could breed. Make sure that your surroundings are not conducive to mosquito propagation.

Also as a form of prevention, your veterinarian may consider giving your dog medication to protect them from heartworms. These medications may include the intravenous drugs or preventive drugs that may be taken orally.

But to keep your pet dog healthy and in check, experts recommend that dogs must undergo treatment or testing every six months. But if you live in a tropical country, more frequent checkups or preventive drugs is needed because mosquitoes are more common in tropical climates. In colder climates, mosquitoes are less common and may even disappear in the colder months, and will start breeding again in the warmer seasons.

No dog is exempted from heartworms. Even bulldogs, no matter how healthy may get infected when they are bitten by mosquitoes that carry heartworm larvae in their system. But in the case of infestation, follow your vet’s recommendations and have them checked out regularly not just for heartworms, but also for other parasites such as tapeworms and hookworms.

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