Kick Fetch Toy Ball for Dogs

Kick Fetch Toy Ball for Dogs

Bulldogs are known to be very stubborn canines by nature. They would rather choose sleeping and lying down rather than playing and running around. This trait of this dog breed gave them the impression that they are too lazy to exercise. But like any other dogs, they also need to have a regular exercise for them to be healthy and strong. But how can you, a bulldog owner, make you little stubborn buddy do exercise and give them a healthy lifestyle?

I have gathered a few tips that you may use to train to make your lovable bulldog pet in doing and getting the proper exercise he or she needs.


The younger your bulldog, the better it is to train them in doing exercise. We all know that dogs are animals of habit, so it is best to get them accustomed to exercising and developing it while they are still young. You will soon see that your dog will grow up to be fond of walking around and playing like they outgrew their habit of being stubborn.

Retractable Dog Leash

Retractable Dog Leash


Bulldogs have very limited physical abilities unlike any other dog breeds. They have shorter legs, a big head and a stout nose that makes their ability in breathing less effective than other dogs. Shortness of breath is often manifested by bulldogs which limit their ability in doing strenuous activities like running. It is best to make your little buddy walk around at short distances with short breaks in between to give your dog a chance to catch his or her breath.


IQ Test Ball for bulldog

IQ Test Ball

Since bulldogs are very prone to have shortness of breaths, it is best to make them exercise in days that are not too hot. Bulldogs are very vulnerable to heart attacks and heat strokes. Always check on the weather first before getting them out for their daily walk to prevent such occurrences.


Your dog needs enough energy to do exercise. They need to be given the right nutrition and sufficient rest periods to enable them to do such activities. If your bulldog is too tired or is lacking rest, it will show or trigger his laziness in doing exercise. Rest and nutrition is also needed for your dog’s growth and ability to cope and counter physical stress.

Most importantly, give your bulldog the love and care that they need. A loved dog is a healthy and strong dog. After all, they are considered man’s best friend.

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