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Zymox Ear Cleanser With Bio-Active Enzymes

Bulldogs are unique and lovable breeds of dogs. Their wrinkled and grumpy faces, animated personalities, their sweet and caring demeanor to their pet owners are only few of the many qualities that make them popular favorites of pet enthusiasts. But while they are wonderful to have as pets, they do come with a set of health problems like breathing issues, allergies, infections and the like. With these issues on hand, ear infections are less likely to occur. But leaving these parts uncleaned or unattended will eventually lead to infection and possible serious health problems to your dogs. The number one ear infection common among all bulldog breeds is a yeast infection. When bulldogs have allergies, their ears excrete excess wax to fight off these allergens. Yeasts start to grow in the debris and moisture left which may lead to a much more serious infection.

Therefore pet owners must need to know the proper way in cleaning their beloved bulldog’s ears.

  1. Select the right cleanser.

It is best to seek for a veterinarian’s advice when seeking or looking for ear cleansers. Selecting the right ear cleanser depends on the kind of ear infection your pet has. Vinegar and alcohol are cleansers found at home that best fight yeast production. If your high on funds, you can also use Epi-Otic, an ear cleaner for dogs, and other pets, usually found in your nearest vet or in your neighbourhood pet shop.

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  1. Cleaning you pet Bulldog’s ears must be done on a regular basis.

In cleaning your bulldog’s ears, start off by letting your bulldog feel comfortable by rubbing his ears. Some people tend to pour the cleanser into the ear canal but it is much more advisable to put some of the cleaning solution on a paper towel or cotton and then clean the inside of the ear. Gently massage the base of the ear using your thumb and point finger. Let your dog shake her head to allow in discharge to come out of her ears. If any material from the ear comes out, gently remove it using a large cotton ball. Use cotton tipped applicators only when cleaning the folds in the ear flaps. Repeat this process until you are sure that your dog’s ears are clean. If the ear happens to be infected, imme-

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Zymox Otic Enzymatic Solution for Pet Ears

diately apply medication or bring your dog to your nearest vet. Make sure to remove all traces of cotton or paper towel or any cleaning material that you used that are left inside your pet dog’s ear. Then dry it out with another clean paper towel since leaving it damp would be such a bad idea. Do not forget to pat, treat or praise your dog for being well-behaved during the cleaning session.

Some dogs can really be fidgety when being cleaned up. Just in case, you can always ask for the help of a friend.  And also never forget that since bulldogs have many allergies, cleaning them is a life-long commitment.