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Angels’ Eyes Tear-Stain Eliminator for Dogs

Unlike humans, dogs have an extra membrane in the corner of their eyes, underneath their lower eyelid that houses the tear gland. This membrane, which is also called the nictating membrane, is responsible for protecting the eye and helps contain and distribute tears over the surface of your dog’s eye. It is also a tear-producing gland and is responsible for contributing thirty to forty percent of the normal tear volume.

PetAlive Eye HealA ‘cherry eye‘ is a common term for a prolapse of the third eyelid or the nictitating membrane of dogs. It usually results in a pink or red lump in the inner corner. This prolapse can occur either in one or both of the eyes. Prolapses are caused partially by weakness of the connective tissue attachment of the gland to the periorbita. Some people also believe that prolapses or ‘cherry eyes‘ happen when dogs or puppies play too much, rub their face in the surfaces or when they play in the dirt. When this happens, tear ducts can get blocked and when tear ducts are blocked, tear flows are also obstructed. After a couple of days these tear ducts begin to swell and sore, now an infection begins. There is no room in its present position for a blocked tear duct once it swells, even strong tissues won’t hold it, thus resulting to a ‘cherry eye’. However, ‘cherry eyes’ or prolapses, whatever causes them, are a sure ‘sore’ in the eyes to your pets.

Usually, these ‘cherry eyes’ are not painful to the dog. But imagine and look at your cute and adorable Bulldog with a big lumpy membrane protruding in the eye? Awful right? Also, ‘cherry eyes’ or prolapses, due to its abnormal position, once irritated, inflamed or worse, infected, tend to cause problems in lubricating the eyes which, if left untreated, could lead to Dry Eyes and even more serious eye problems to your Bulldog.

Cherry Eye

But don’t worry! Removing these prolapses or ‘cherry eyes’ and putting them back in place can be easy. In fact you, the owner, can do it yourself! All you have to do is relax and make you and your dog comfortable.  You can use Angel Eyes Dog Tear Stain Remover to clean the eyes first.

Next that you need to do is to place your finger or thumb up and over the Bulldog’s eye sack in the lower corner of their eye where the red gland shows. Second, gently massage the gland in a circular motion. Make sure to apply only gentle pressure. Once the tear duct is unblocked, gently push the outer tissue and pop the protruding membrane back into place.

Once everything is well and done, of course do not forget to praise or give your dog a treat.

Restoring the prolapsed third eyelid gland to its normal position is of course essential, it will not only make your pet look normal but it will also preserve tear production, and prevent more corneal and conjunctival disease caused by the membrane’s prolonged exposure.