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Microchipping your Bulldog

One of our worst nightmares must be when our bulldog suddenly runs off without us knowing. We come home to an empty house and realize that we just lost our pet. What do we do? Ask the neighbors, call the pound and local animal shelter…but why not save yourself too much trouble and microchip your pooch?

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Bulldog Incubators

Raising bulldog puppies can be a very challenging task. Because they are very delicate creatures, they are also quite susceptible to infections at the first few weeks of their life. Because of this, breeders and proactive pet owners just like Diego have invested in incubators, or built one themselves with easy-to-find equipment. Not only is this a great way to protect the puppies in their early stages, it allows Diego to raise them in a controlled and stable environment, and away from infections and diseases.

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