English Bulldogs may look tough but they are very delicate creatures. On the first few weeks after birth, English bulldog puppies are susceptible to infections. And when not given proper and special attention, they often die within the first few weeks of their life. But it is a good thing that there are people who take initiative in properly taking care of such a wonderful but delicate breed.

Serious breeders and pet owners that specialize with the English bulldog breed would tell you that a bulldog incubator is a helpful equipment to have when raising bulldogs. Because the early stages of their development is crucial, it is important to house them in clean, warm, and well ventilated area to keep newborn puppies from infections and diseases.

Diego from the Mauie Expo Channel explains shows how he has created his do-it-yourself incubators, and with common materials you might find in hardware and specialty stores.

bulldog warmer

Puppy Warmer

An important point to note is that English bulldogs are a snub-nosed breed. This means that they are likely to have a hard time breading due to the shape of their skull and face. Thus, it is important to have good ventilation for your incubator. Diego’s incubator is equipped with an oxygen generator that pumps fresh and pure oxygen into two incubation chambers. An exhaust fan at the ceiling of each chamber helps circulate the air to keep it the air fresh and the temperatures stable. For added protection, the incubation chambers are sealed with air-tight doors.

Humidity and temperature is also an important aspect in good incubation. For humidity, Diego made use of an ordinary party cup filled half-way with water to keep moisture in the air. As for the temperature, he installed a thermostat which is connected to a light bulb that serves as the heat source for the incubator. The bulb turns on and off at certain temperatures which Diego can conveniently adjust through a temperature controller outside the incubation chamber. A thermostat is also installed inside the chamber and keeps track of the temperature and humidity inside the incubator.

Finally, Diego also installed a floor drain at the center of each chambers to allow water to flow through when cleaning the chamber.

With a bulldog incubator, your English bulldog puppies are sure to get passed their crucial stage in a controlled environment. However, even with incubators, puppies still need proper care and attention for them to fully develop into healthy adults.