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Best Slow-Smoked Beef Dog Food

What to feed and not to feed your dogs is a ground for debate amongst breeders, and dog owners. Since its introduction, there has been a lot of criticism and arguments as to whether which is a better diet for your dogs: is it regular dog food, or the BARF diet?

BARF stands for bones and raw food. This means that what you feed your dogs consists mainly of raw meat, edible bones, and fleshy organs like heart and liver.  Advocates of this type of diet believe that bones and raw food are more beneficial to dogs than highly processed dog foods you usually find in pet stores and veterinary supply shops.

If you want to try the BARF diet or raw feeding your dog, it would help to do some research regarding the subject. However, you can also read through this article to know just some of the many benefits of the BARF diet.

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Raw Bones for Dogs

Many breeders believe that bones and raw food diet mimics the actual diet of canines in the wild. It is believed that through their diet, they are able to survive in harsher conditions and still maintain good overall health, as compared with domesticated animals. Thus, many breeders have moved from using processed dog food, to raw feeding.

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Grain-Free Chicken Meal Formula Dry Dog Food

As discussed by Diego on the video, there are many benefits to feeding your dog raw meat and bones. For one, puppies that are introduced to raw feeding at a young age have better dental health. It is believed that chewing on bones helps remove plaque from the dog’s teeth. Chewing cartilage and muscle meat also acts as a dental floss for dogs, thus giving them fresher and cleaner breath.

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Grain-Free Salmon Meal Dry Dog Food

Dogs who are introduced to the BARF diet are also known to have shinier coat. A lot of experts say that some dog foods are saturated with salt, and can cause irritation and allergies on the dog’s coat. With raw food, you are able to customize the ingredients on your dog’s diet and eliminate all the unwanted substances your dog is eating.

BARF diet also helps decrease stool volume and odor. Experts have noted that dogs that eat raw meat also do not have that familiar canine odor that dogs usually have. They’re stool also does not smell as much as that of dogs that eat regular dog food.

Generally the main benefit of  Grain-Free Salmon Meal and Raw Boost Grain-Free Chicken Meal  is to maintain your dog’s overal health. Studies have shown that a raw diet, does in fact, present such benefits and more. However, with still some critics saying otherwise, it is still in your discretion whether to introduce your canine pet to raw feeding.