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Some airlines have recently banned bulldog breeds from their flights due to breed-related health risks. Although the intention of the airline companies is good, for pet owners who want to travel with their pets, this has become a hassle “not to mention a very expensive one.

Brachycephalic dogs, or simply snub-nosed breeds, are the target of this new policy due to certain health risks that flying in the cargo poses upon the dogs. Usually, banned bulldogs are those breeds like pugs and bulldogs are no longer allowed by some airlines due to incidents of death in the past involving such breeds during transportation.

Banned Bulldogs, Clyde the Bulldog

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Dogs regulate their body temperature through breathing. And because brachycephalic dog breeds have trouble breathing due to their snub noses, they are highly susceptible to overheating and other respiratory conditions. During air transport, dogs are stored in the plane’s cargo hold. Temperature in the cargo area can sometimes become too hot for most dogs, especially brachycephalic breeds. Add to that the stress of the travel itself, the conditions that the dogs are subjected to during transportation can kill them.

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However, all is not lost. Because some pet owners still want to travel with their pets, charter flights have become available and cater especially to flying your pet to your destination. Pet Jets, for the past few years, have exclusively catered to the needs of pet owners who want to transport their pet by air. An especially cool feature they have is that they are sensitive to the needs breeds that need special attention. Yes, you guessed it; they will ship even brachycephalic breeds! Although booking a flight for your pet this way may seem quite expensive, pet owners are happy enough to pay for their pooch’s fair with the assurance that they will arrive safely and that they are cared for during the travel.