Nail Trimmer For Dogs

Safari Professional Large Nail Trimmer For Dogs

Sometimes new dog owners fear to clip their bulldog’s nails because they think it hurts. Untrimmed nails can potentially cause more pain to your dog in the long run.

If your dog’s nails are clicking on the floor or getting snagged in the carpet the dog is definitely due for nail trimming.

To clip your bulldogs nails, you need a high quality trimmer, a nail file and styptic powder or pads.
Begin by making you and your dog comfortable. Have him lay on it’s side so all feet are easily accessible to you.You want to trim only the portion of the nail that extends beyond the quick, the blood vessel that runs down the nail.

Dog Nail Clippers

Dog Nail Clippers

Start by chipping the very thin slice on top of the nail. Give the dog a treat and praise him. Continue to make a series of very thin clips on a 45 degree angle, this is much safer then making one large cut.
If you accidentally cut the quick apply styptic with gentle pressure. The cut will heal in a short time. Brittle nails can splinter when you clip them. If this happens file the nail and smooth it by making several strokes working from the back of the nail to the front tip.
Properly trimmed nails keep your pet, your family and your home safely.



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