Flea Tick ShampooRemoving ticks from your dogs is essential especially on tick season. Common sights of the tick are in between foot, bottom-side of the foot, on the ear canal and seldom on the body. To remove them, use a fine tick tweezers or a tick removing tool. Concentrate on the tick itself and avoid pulling your pets skin. With a firm and steady pressure, directly pull it out. Do not apply petroleum jelly, a hot match or rubbing alcohol as they can cause the tick to deposit more diseases carrying saliva into the wound. After removing the tick, place it to a jar of alcohol or burn them straight away. Clean your pets bite wound with an antiseptic or apply a small amount of antibiotic ointment on the wound. Rashes on the tick bite are normal due to reaction to the tick’s saliva. A hydroconazone Spray can help alleviate the rashes in a week. Always keep the area clean and dry to make it heal faster.

It is recommended to buy anti-tick preventives to protect your pets from getting ticks again. Prevention is better than cure!
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