Dried Canine Chicken FormulaIf you so your research about the subjects, you will find many positive and negative things about feeding your dog raw bones and meat. However, results will speak for itself. And many experts believe, and even recommend that the BARF food diet is the best diet you can feed your dog.

Buying the Meat


Raw Beef Knee Caps for Dogs

Naturally, wild canines will eat anything they find. But since our bulldogs our domesticated animals, they will rely on us for food. But you might wonder: where do I get meat for my bulldog? Any meat that is safe for humans will also be safe for dogs. Buying meat for your dogs simply means buying meat from the grocery store or your local butcher shop.

A good way to go about purchasing meat for your dog is to go to your local butcher and ask him if he sells dog food. Usually, butchers would have meat falling of their grinders and cutters and they would just throw them away. Some butchers (who are possibly dog owners too) sell these loose cuts or meat pieces as dog food.

Bulldog eat, Eating Buffalo knuckle

Bulldog eat, Eating Buffalo knuckle’Rhea C (Flickr.com)

Some pet owners also usually would buy turkey necks and gizzards by bulk for their dog’s diet which is also a great and economical way to buy meat for your dog.

Healthy Portions

Even though many can attest to the countless health benefits of the BARF food diet, too much can be a bad thing. A general rule of thumb for a dog’s daily food intake is 2 percent of its total body weight. So if your dog weighs a hundred pounds, 2 pounds of food per day will be enough to keep him healthy. But if by some reason your might need more or less than this amount is subject to your vet’s advice.

Switching to BARF food diet will greatly improve your dog’s overall health. And when a dog is healthy, he is also happy. If you are still feeding your dog regular dog food, it’s time to make a switch and see the results for yourself.

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