Bulldogs may look tough, but they are also delicate creatures and are susceptible to certain injuries and infections. Aside from the folds of their faces, another area which should be cleaned regularly is the tail pocket. Bulldogs have a small pocket underneath their tail. This small indented area can sometimes build up grime, dirt, and may even smell thus needs special attention and cleaning to avoid infections. But what does happen if the tail pocket is left uncared for? Just like the ears and facial folds, a bulldog’s tail pocket might get irritated, inflamed, and could begin to get infected.

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Prevention is better than cure. The best possible way to avoid infections on your bulldog is to always keep him clean and cared for “especially in these problematic areas such as the facial folds and tail pocket.

To clean the bulldog tail pocket, all you need are some simple things you might already have around in your home. Baby wipes, diaper rash cream, and medicated powder are something you might have at home already if you have a baby in the family.

What you can do is to use baby wipes to clean under the tail and inside the tail pocket about twice a day. This is a very sensitive area and your bulldog might get tickled. Some English or French bulldogs might stick their snout upwards to lick the air while their pockets are being cleaned. Don’t worry though, it’s a normal reaction.

After using the baby wipes, check to see if the tail pocket has raw areas. If there are raw patches of flesh, use unscented diaper cream to keep the raw area moisturized. If the raw areas continue to become dry, it may lead to an infection. You may need to repeat this every time you get until the raw areas heal.

When the raw patches are healed, continue cleaning the tail pocket. This time, however, you can use medicated powder or Wrinkle Paste after wiping to keep the tail pocket clean and to avoid rashes and raw patches.


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