Bulldogs and all dogs in general are very social animals. Part of their holistic development is interaction with other dogs and of course, humans. This is why when leaving your bulldog at home, they may get very lonely. Yes, dogs feel lonesome too.

When we are not so busy at work or other activities, our bulldogs get a lot of attention from us at home. But when we suddenly become too busy, the sudden lack of attention can mean a lot of stress for our pets especially when we are frequently away from home. This stress can then translate into excessive barking, and even chewing shoes and furniture. To help your bulldog readjust to this sudden change, here are a few tips.

Before leaving your bulldog at home, take a little time to talk to your bulldog in a low tone. This may seem odd but low tones actually help your dogs relax. In the wild, pack leaders among the canine species give out low growling sounds before leaving the pack. The growling sound indicates that they will return soon.

Your bulldog should have its own shelter or doghouse in case he is out in the yard. In case it rains, your bulldog is sheltered from the weather. If your bulldog is left indoors, you may want to have a crate or cage that is left open where he can take shelter in. Even if the weather is fine, a small personal shelter, or personal space if you may, is very comforting to the pooch.

Bulldogs sleeping, English Bulldog Belly-Up

Bulldogs sleeping, English Bulldog Belly-Up dreamcicle19772006 (Flickr.com)

Another good tip is to never leave your bulldog at home without anything to do. Dogs in general will gnaw at anything to vent out when bored to release their stored energy. Before leaving for the day, make sure your bulldog has a toy that he can chew or play with. Also, try to change the toy every now and then to keep things interesting for him.

Also, if you want to leave your dog in the yard while you’re out, you may also scatter some dog treats outside. This will give your pet something to do by letting him forage for the treats.

Finally, when you get back at home, your dog might suddenly become too hyperactive when they see you. This is a perfectly normal behavior. However, give them time to calm down before you pet them. You can do this by ignoring them the first few minutes and only when he is finally calm that you can begin to pet your pooch.

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