Bulldogs can be very playful, especially when humans are around. Some bulldogs just love to get attention from their humans, and some will go to lengths to please and get their human’s attention. However, bulldogs can suffer from a heatstroke easily after a long day of playing due to a breed-related factor.

Dogs regulate their body heat through breathing. Unlike humans who sweat the heat out of their system, dogs regulate by breathing harder or panting. But unfortunately, bulldogs are a snub-nosed breed. Because of the shape of their heads and their snout (or the lack thereof), it’s harder for them to actually breathe anything in thus making it harder for them to cool off. Side note: This is also why most of the time a bulldog sounds like its snorting or snoring.

Preventing your bulldog from overheating is not rocket science. What it will require you however is that you keep a good eye on your dog for signs of excessive panting, or any unusual behavior after playing too much, or being exposed to heat and sunlight.

One sure way of preventing your bullie from overheating is by keeping it hydrated at all times, especially during the warmer portions of the year. Make sure it’s water bowl is never without water. Or better yet put several water bowls for your bulldog around the house or yard so he always has access to water close by when he needs it.

Bulldogs do not require long walks to get them worked out. A short, slow-paced walk is enough to give any bulldog a good amount of physical exercise for a day.

Finally, when the day get’s too hot for comfort, you can just give your bulldog a bath. A good soaking and soaping will cool your bulldog off quite nicely. Or if a bath is too much, you can just fill a kiddy pool or a big-enough basin for your bulldog to dip in and take a good swim.