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Oral Hygiene Chews for Bulldogs

Meet Sparky! Sparky is a French bulldog and Jack Russell terrier mix. Sparky is a product of two pure bred parents of the said breeds thus he retains the qualities of both breeds both physically and behaviorally.

Designer dogs as they are often called, these cross-breeds have become a popular choice for pet owners for various reasons. But how did this all begin? Well, back in the 1970’s an Australian purposely bred a Labrador and a poodle to work as a seeing-eye dog for a woman. The poodle has a coat that’s similar to human hair in which it does not shed. This quality was what the breeder was looking for to answer to the problem of the husband’s dog allergy.

Mini Naturals Dog Treats

Mini Naturals Dog Treats

Besides getting the unique look of two breeds in one pup, a hybrid dog also has great advantages over pure-bred ones. Health-wise, hybrid dogs are found to be healthier compared to that of pure-bred dogs. Because of the wider genetic pool, hybrids are able to eliminate some of its weak genes and inherit the good ones.

For this reason, Sparky here might not even suffer from many health issues that a regular French bulldog or terrier would if it were a pure-breed.

Another thing that adds to the hybrid’s fame is the many celebrities that are seen with such kinds of dogs. Among the most famous are Ellen Degeneres and Miley Cyrus, and even Tiger Woods himself has a hybrid dog.

When it comes to registry, the American Kennel Club recognizes more designer breeds than pure breed dogs. To date, there are only about 160-plus pure bred type dogs while there are 500+ known and registered designer dog breeds.

Designer dogs and hybrids usually cost more than the average purebred puppy. So before choosing to get a puppy just like Sparky, you might want to think about it first.