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The English bulldog is perhaps the most famous of all bulldog breeds. Though it may seem that the popularity it gets is because of its snobbish look, many love the English bulldog for its great temperament as a companion, and it’s docility as a family pet. Standard English bulldogs are stout and stubby with a medium body build. Like most bulldogs, they are snub-nosed and their heads are flat from the top to the tip of the nose where the iconic wrinkles are always present. Shoulders are broad and very muscular, and the hips are slightly narrower and taper down to slim hind quarters. The lower jaw of a standard English bulldog is slightly larger compared to its upper jaw, and its lower teeth may be seen protruding. While this may look nasty, it is useful in delivering a powerful locking bite whenever required.

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Oral Hygiene Chews for Bulldogs

The English bulldog comes in a variety of color and trim but the usual coat comes in either white, red, fallow, bridle, or a combination of the usual color schemes.

Layla, English Bulldog Puppy As I mentioned in the intro, the English bulldog is a wonderful family pet. While their looks may seem constantly angry or disgruntled, it’s just a cover. English bulldogs are sweet and affectionate towards their owners and are always eager to please them. They just love constant attention and always seek to get noticed. While most dogs tend to be outdoorsy types, English bulldogs will be contented in small homes. Although, they still require exercise to keep their lungs and heart strong and healthy. English bulldogs are also great guard dogs. When they sense an intruder, they will not hesitate to stand their ground and even attack when they sense an intruder is getting too close. This is where their powerful bite comes in handy when there is a need to defend the home.

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