Bulldog Purebreds Archives

American Bulldogs

A pack of American Bulldogs were largely paraded on prestigious Holland’s Kampen Show in 2007.  This American bulldogs includes: Betty Bulls Sara of SilverMoon Bulls Bullforce Bouda Of Looney Tunes Brutus of Looney Tunes Amiral Alcatraz a. k. a Tyson Alteese Audace Many more

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Owning a Bull Mastiff

The bull mastiff is a wonderful guard dog. They are known to be one of the most agile and skilled when it comes to guarding property, livestock, or even their human family. Despite their size, bull mastiffs are also one of the gentlest dogs even towards children. However, it takes an experienced and assertive human to properly raise and train bull mastiffs.

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English Bulldog Breed Standards

While they may look brutish and angry, English bulldogs are great family pets. They can be one of the most loyal companions, excellent guard dogs, and the gentlest family pet to ever grace your home. They require only short walks and contented in small spaces, however may require a lot of veterinary attention as they can be prone to some conditions common in bulldog breeds.

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