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Big Old Bulldog on a Trampoline

Dogs love to play in the open. Bulldogs, especially love to go outdoors and dig, and basically exercise their hunting skills during play. Or there are those times that they just want to bounce around on trampolines. But whichever the case, too much of a good thing can be harmful. Here’s how you can avoid overheating your bulldog after too long a playtime.

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Bulldog Puppy Rolling and Trying to Get Back on His Feet

You have probably seen this video already. It’s that video of a cute French bulldog pup that can’t seem to get up from rolling over. At some point, you can hear the puppy’s breathing get harder and harder. Poor puppy! But there are far more serious problems that a French bulldog owner should be concerned about. Here are a few common health issues which French bulldogs might run into in their lifetime.

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