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Dog Food Recall

With the recent spell of product recall by certain dog food manufacturers, maybe it is high time you switched your dog from regular dog food to the raw meat or BARF diet. Know the causes of the recalls, or if your brand is among the recalled products through this article.

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Homemade Bulldog Food

Homemade dog foods are the healthiest option you can give your dog for a variety of reasons. For one, you are assured that your dog is getting quality nutrition. From the kind of quality ingredients you picked for your dog, to the balanced mixture of protein and other nutrients, to the convenience of easy-to-make recipes; you can never go wrong with homemade dog food!

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Best and Worst Food for Your Bulldog

There are many kinds of food that veterinarians recommend you feed your pet. But when deciding which ones they will truly benefit from, it boils down to some points for consideration: balanced nutrition, quality of ingredients, and species appropriateness. Dr. Karen Becker talks about the best and worst kinds of food to feed your pets, and at the number 1 of his best list is homemade dog food.

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BARF Diet for Bulldogs

There are varying opinions as to whether which type of diet is appropriate for dogs. But recently, there has been a move into what is called the BARF diet. BARF stands for Bones and Raw Food, which, literally means you are feeding your dog a mixture of edible bones, and raw meat and organs. This kind of diet, many experts believe, mimics that of wild canines such as wolves in the natural setting. The BARF diet also presents many health benefits unlike many commercially produced dog foods.

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Make Your Bulldog Eat Healthy Raw Food

Bulldogs are amazing pets. Not only are they tough, but they can be just as sweet as they are fierce-looking. One way to keep your bulldog happy and healthy is by feeding them good portions of raw food. Just look at how healthy and happy Toby the bulldog is with his raw food diet.

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BARF Food Diet for Bulldogs

BARF diet simulates a canine’s natural diet in the wild. After all, nature did not intend for them to eat processed meat or canned and kibble foods. With so many options to choose from, you can easily create your dog’s personalized BARF meal with meat cuts from your local butcher shop.

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