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GrainFree Dehydrated Dog Food

A perfectly healthy dog is a product of a good environment, and care and attention from loving humans. But of course, there’s also perhaps the most crucial factor to a dog’s immediate health and nutrition food.

Many pet owners and serious breeders would argue about what kind of diet should be given to their beloved pooches. However, most of the serious breeders and owners will perhaps agree on one thing: commercial dogfood for bulldogs is not a good choice. In this video by Andrew Lewis (dog expert and author of the book Dog Food Secrets) shares a few reasons why commercial foods for bulldog are the worst choice to feed your dog.

Karma Organic Dry Dog Food

Karma Organic Dry Dog Food

Andrew says, commercial foods for bulldogs contain chemicals and preservatives that are known to cause various disorders that could lead to certain cancers. These cancers include cancers in the bladder, kidney, skin, spleen, and cancer in the stomach. These preservatives and chemicals are also known to increase the chances of your dog getting Leukemia, a major organ failure, and liver dysfunction. Severe skin allergies and the collapsing of the immune system are also connected to these preservatives and chemicals, along with hair loss, early blindness, chronic diarrhea, birth defects, and could also cause sudden behavioral problems.

While manufacturers may declare that their dog food has no chemicals in them, this is untrue. A loophole in dog food manufacturing laws allows these dog food manufacturers to leave out or not declare chemicals which have been added to the meat before they bought it from their sources. This, then, brings us to “the dreaded 4 D’s” or: Dead, Diseased, Dying, and Disabled.

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The 4 D’s refer to the conditions of the meat prior to the processing it undergoes to become commercial dog food. Yes, the meat can either come from animals that are dead, dying, or sick, while other meat or organs contain diseases in them. Diseased meat may include liver with parasites, lungs with pneumonia; and other organs with abscess, cancer and Mad Cow disease. What is worse is that some diseases cannot be eliminated in the process of producing these dog foods. Like Mad Cow disease, it is known to stay on in the meat even after processing. This puts your dog at high risk of being infected by the said disease.

Newman's Own Organics Advanced Formula Dry Dog Food

Newman’s Own Organics Advanced Formula Dry Dog Food

In addition to diseases, Andrew’s research reveals that some dog foods even have canine and feline meat included in the processing. He quotes an article which states that tons of euthanized dogs and cats are sometimes sent to processing plants. Another gross fact is that they throw these kinds of meat in for processing without removing the identification tags, collars, and even the plastic bags that came with the dead animal. Accordingly, along with these harmful ingredients, the chemical sodium pentobarbital (the chemical used to euthanize cats and dogs) are present in the meat end up processed along with the meat and into the dog food.

Knowing these facts might have already scared you from feeding your dog commercial dog food. But these are just some of the reasons why experts like Andrew Lewis do not recommend it to be fed to dogs. So to speak, this could just be the tip of the iceberg.


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