Natural Pet Shampoo for Dogs

Fleas are pests that need to be controlled. Not only do they affect our dogs and cats, but in severe cases can affect humans too. And apart from the irritating bites, fleas can also help spread diseases.

While there are many commercially produced chemicals that will kill fleas instantly, some people prefer a non-toxic approach in eradicating fleas from their pet’s body and their homes. And if you are one of the latter, here are a few ways you to eliminate fleas without using chemicals and commercial pesticides.


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The Lemon Treatment

Lemons (along with other citrus fruits) have various applications not just as food. In some kitchens, they can also help clean surfaces and disinfect areas while leaving a nice citrus scent. And in the matter of eradicating fleas, lemons are also effective.

What you can do with lemons is slice up a few and let them sit in hot water overnight. This will help extract its juices. After leaving it in hot water overnight, you can remove the lemon slices and put the water in a sprayer. And avoiding the eyes and the face, you can spray your dog with the lemon-water mixture. It is proven that the strong scent and chemicals in the lemon helps repel fleas.

Natural Flea Tick Spray

Natural Flea Tick Spray for DogsCedar bedding, like lemon, also helps repel fleas. What is great about cedar bedding is that you can just spread it across your dog’s sleeping area. This will keep your dog’s sleeping area free of fleas. Another way you can use cedar bedding is to boil it in water. And again, similar to the lemon-water mix, you can put it in a spray bottle and spray it on your dog’s fur.

Carpets can also be breeding grounds for fleas. Your pets may not carry the fleas on them, but your rug and carpet may. One way to eliminate fleas in your home is treating your carpet with a simple mix of borax and salt. Four parts of borax and one of salt will is a good ratio. What you can do with this mixture is spread it all over your carpet and rug. Let it sit for a day and then you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean up your rug and carpet. Safari Flea Comb

What borax and salt does is dehydrate the flea eggs and pupa which is possibly living within your carpeting. This method is actually quite cheaper and easier to do than hiring professional pest control to bomb your house with chemicals and eliminate fleas.