Flea Tick Powder for DogsFleas present several problems to our pets and to our entire household as well. Aside from constantly itching from bites, fleas can cause a lot of annoyance, skin irritation, infections and allergies. The bottom line however is that we need to get rid of dog fleas.

UltraGuard Dog CollarThere are two things to consider when trying to get rid of  dog fleas. First, you must consider your pet, or the host of the fleas. And second, you must also consider the environment.

The immediate environment can be a breeding ground for fleas when not properly cleaned. In cases where dogs are heavily infested with fleas, it may be hard to remove the infestation without dealing with its environment first. If your dog stays inside your home, the simplest thing you can do is to regularly vacuum rugs and carpets. Flea eggs love to hide and incubate in these areas because they simulate the warmth of a dog’s or cat’s fur. Removing these immature fleas before hatching will help you control the infestation.

Some vacuums can be used with a flea collar which will help in killing the fleas after cleaning. For more information about flea collars, consult your veterinarian or pet supply store.

The After-bath Flea Collar

The After-bath Flea Collar Christina Welsh Rin (Flickr.com)

Outside your house, you can also clean up to prevent fleas from hatching or breeding. Loose brush and leaves should be removed and disposed of properly. But in severe cases, you can also opt to hire a pest control company to spray your yard with insecticide. However, this does not necessarily work as well as you might expect.

Finally, what you can do is to treat your pet directly. There are many anti-flea products readily available which your veterinarian may recommend for use. Depending on the status of your pet’s health and the severity of the flea infestation, your vet may require you to use powder, essential oils, or even injections to get rid of the fleas and other pests on your pet.

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