Obedience is very important for a Bull Mastiff because of his size. A Bull Mastiff can weigh over a 100 pounds so you definitely need to have control over this type of dog and show the alpha over him.

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Important is that you build your dog’s confidence and that he gets socialized with things that surround him when going for a walk or taking him to places on a regular basis.
Bull Mastiffs need a lot of exercise together with balanced feeding. Your dog should not be looking for food all the time. Feeding and training this with the right intervals makes the Bull Mastiff confident and will turn this dog into a fantastic family member.

The most important things for taking care of your Bull Mastiff are:

Begin training when the dog is a puppy
No overweight – Balance good food with lots of exercise
Cardio Problems will arise when the dog doesn’t have the chance to walk or run.
Grooming – A Bull Mastiff needs no serious grooming since he has short hair and keeps itself regularly cleaned.
You need to wash him once in a while, clean the wrinkles that surround the eyes, cut his nails on a regular basis.
You also need to check his paws once in a while and take proper care if needed.

professional dog nail clippersWatch out if the temperature outside is hot and sunny, do not let your Bull-Mastiff get overheated. I case of overheating move your dog out of the sun, cool him down with wet clothes.

If one ore more of these happens, the dog should be cooled down ASAP. It’s best not to wait for a vet, because it may be too late. Do the cooling by removing your dog from the sun and placing wet clothes over it. Don’t just bang a bucket of cold water on the poor animal, because that could kill it straight away.

While most dogs, including the Bull mastiff, will do okay in hot climates, owners must be cautious all the time and watch out for signs of abnormal behavior.