It is estimated that pet owners with large breed dogs can spend as much as $1800 on pet medicine alone (exclusive of emergency veterinary services). Having pointed this out, there must be a sure way you can cut the cost of your pet’s medical bills without compromising the kind of treatment they deserve. With that in mind, here are a few things that will help you save on your pet’s medical bills:

The Right Pet

When choosing the right pet for you, be it a dog, cat, or even just a fish, it helps to know if they do in fact fit in with your kind of lifestyle and budget. When it comes to bulldogs, there are various breeds to choose from and with varying sizes too. Before picking out which breed you want, ask yourself if you can afford taking care of such a dog, and whether or not they will adapt to your lifestyle (i.e. will they fit in your small apartment or will they be comfortable alone or with another pet at home?).

Bulldogs have certain health issues which they can be susceptible to. Knowing these health issues, will you be prepared (financially) to deal with such concerns?

Prevention is Better than Cure

We’ve all heard this quote before and it’s actually a good advice for both us and our pets. Investing in preventive vaccines and treatments will most likely result to your bulldog not having to go through certain illnesses and you not having to pay for outrageous emergency veterinary bills. To do this, keep your dog healthy and vaccinated regularly according to your vet’s advice.

Or better yet, having him eat healthily and giving him a good physical workout will allow him to build a healthy body that’s not susceptible to infections and injuries.

Pet Care and Insurance

Humans are no stranger to insurance. However, pet insurance is a rather new trend among pet owners. While it may sound over-the-top that a person should buy insurance for his or her bulldog, this is actually a good investment.

Considering the fact that insurance can cover part, if not the entire cost your dog’s vet bills and medicine. However choosing the right insurance is also key in this tip and it may take quite some time to read and understand the fine print that comes with pet insurance.

If you’re apprehensive about pet insurance, you can opt to have some sort of savings put away somewhere and is readily available in case your pooch needs medicine or a visit to the vet.


If it’s unavoidable and you have to buy medicine for your dog, do opt for the generic version of the medicine. If your vet does not prescribe you generic medicine, you can ask your pharmacist to give you one. Generic drugs are far cheaper than branded medicine that is usually prescribed by professionals.

Good Diet

As mentioned before, prevention is better than cure. Part of taking preventive measures is keeping your dog healthy. And a perfect way to keep your dog healthy is by feeding him the right diet.

Today’s trend among pet owners is feeding their dogs the BARF diet. Bones and raw meat are known to have many wonderful effects on a dog’s health when served in right portions and sometimes with supplements. If you want to know more about how to feed your dog the BARF diet, check this website for articles and videos about the topic.


Sometimes, all our pet needs is just a little bit of our attention. Instead of investing money in expensive toys, and fancy pet products, a walk to the park for some playtime can do better things. Playing with your dog not only strengthens your bond, but is also psychologically healthy for your dog. So as much as possible, play with your dog!