A Fish Protein, Grain-Free Formula for Dogs

A Fish Protein, Grain-Free Formula for Dogs

Bulldog allergies are of great concern for many pet owners. Not only does it affect your dog’s health, but it can also result to expensive treatments which will affect your finances. Here are a few tips on how to solve dog allergies.

Before everything else, as a pet owner, you must be able to spot the symptoms of allergies on your dog. If your dog is constantly scratching, sometimes to a point of creating bald spots and wounds, your pooch must be suffering from an allergy. Along with the scratching, a dog suffering from allergies may be seen licking its paws for extended periods of time, red and inflamed skin and ears, dry noses, and even jaundice.

Allergy Support Supplement for Dogs

Vet’s Best Seasonal Allergy Support Supplement for Dogs

Bulldog allergies may come from allergens found in dust particles, fleas, and food. Yes, food is on the list. Just like most humans, dogs can be allergic to certain food or food ingredients. However, food allergies on dogs are closely related to consumption of canned or kibble foods. Treatment for these allergies are readily available but they are, however, very expensive and are only temporary solutions to the problem. A better way to treat food allergy in dogs is a change in diet.

In other sections of this website, we have talked aboutraw food and making your own dog food for your pet. Yes, this is exactly the solution to your dog’s food allergies. While there are dogs that do perfectly well with kibble and canned dog food, yours may have an adverse reaction to some ingredients. Thus, for the safety of your dog, avoiding these commercially processed foods is a better solution than spending hundreds of dollars on antihistamines, antibiotics, and other meds your veterinarian might recommend.

While shifting to raw food is an investment, it is a good investment to take. Not only will this make your dog healthier, it will also cut the cost of veterinarian fees and medicine.