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Other non bulldog owners say raising an English bulldog can require a great maintenance in their health. Some people also say myths on health related issues have been linked to their physical attributes. These myths includes that bulldogs have:

  • Short Face/nose = can cause to problems in breathing
  • Wrinkles = causes cherry eye problem
  • Bulldogs tend to have allergies more often than other dogs
  • Stout posture = cause them to walk and not be active most of the time

English Bulldog breed Health Issues: On Actual Observations

The mentioned physical appearances of bulldogs are true BUT the effect it brings to the pet is not true at all.  I have been raising English Bulldog for 15 years and now owns 2 of them. They are all very active and display the following behavior:

  • Can swim
  • Can walk for hours
  • Don’t have any breathing problems
  • Don’t have any skin problems
Skin & Coat Dog Supplement

Skin & Coat Dog Supplement

My bulldogs, James Hond 007 and Miss Bean are all healthy. James at 7 years old still amazes people with his energy and speed. The fastest runner in the park actually! Miss Bean has no health issues besides spring allergy of spring flowers.

On my perception, health problems occur only when English bulldogs are used as a ‘Breeder’. This will expose them to bad breeding mates and breeding system that will eventually lead to bad offspring. These offspring will then have a lot of health related issues. Don’t be fooled to advertisers and some kennels clubs who recommends a good breed at high prices. They can’t be as good as they say.

English bulldog chillin.jpg

Poor health condition also can be caused by the environment they lived. A lot of Bulldogs don’t have good conditioning and are overweight. As the owner, it is our responsibility to walk our pet everyday of at least 15 minutes per day to avoid getting them lazy and become overweight. Let us always remember that good looks do not guarantee a healthy English Bulldogs. Let us be all aware of the health and conditioning matters a lot to their welfare.

Remember, the English bulldog should be a healthy and active dog! If this is not true to your dog now, then you need to change your health conditioning strategies. Don’t let beautiful dog breed disappear! Take Action!!