Bulldog Coat Care

Bulldog Coat Care Grooming Kit

Dirty and unkempt dogs are not good pets to keep at home. Imagine your dirty dog parading itself when visitors, guests and friends are around, scratching itself. You wouldn’t want your guests to get the wrong impression right? Hence cleaning our homes as well as our pets is an important thing to consider.

Now suppose your pet is a bulldog? Bulldog’s I’ve heard are a bit expensive since they have high instances of infertility which roughly means that they are very hard to come by and are rare these days. And since they are very expensive you wouldn’t want to keep them dirty and rugged at the same time, would you? Aside from the fact that they cost much, Bulldog’s also have short coats and are naturally and are reasonably clean animals. Their short and shiny coats are one of the

French Bulldog Coat Care

French Bulldog Coat Care Grooming Kit

Bulldogs many assets that needs to be clean and fresh all the time. These coats are also good indicators of problems on your dog. When something is wrong their coats will most likely tell you by showing signs like shedding or bald and hairless spots.

Now the secret to healthy and clean looking Bulldogs are frequent baths. Grooming and caring for bulldogs is not that hard at all. Bulldogs love to bathe and since they are inside dogs, meaning they usually stay inside the house, they don’t usually get dirty which makes the job a lot easier. Bath your dog in lukewarm water and use mild soap, not detergents as dog’s skins are more sensitive than human skin. Also avoid soap contact with their eyes, ears and nose as these parts are also sensitive. Try to talk to your dog while giving him a bath; this fosters a sense of connection between you and your dog. Bulldogs also have many wrinkles on their faces, which is unique only to their breed, so you need to make sure that these wrinkles are dry after bathing them. Moisture when trapped in these wrinkles can cause you problems in the near future. You can use soft clothes or cotton balls for this.

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Bulldogs also tend to shed their hair. Now they don’t shed their hair a lot. But you still need to make sure that excess strands of hairs are removed, you can use a simple hair brush for this or a ‘deferminator‘, unless you want your place to be filled with Bulldog hairs which are hard to remove as they can be very fine or small. When removing or brushing off excess hair, make sure to target their necks and their lower backs since these are the areas where most of the shedding happens. Take note to always follow their natural lay of hair.

Their toenails should also be as short as possible since dogs tend to scratch their coats off especially when they itch. Bald spots in their coats are a big turn off! Regular trimming is a good way to keep their nails short. Long nails are usually the reason why some dogs, especially when they scratch their backs, squeal in pain which is so unpleasant to the ears.

Bulldogs are beautiful dogs. They may have this mean look on their faces but they are loving, sweet and friendly. Taking care of our pets and grooming them properly is essential because they also reflect the kind of personality that their owners have. Proper grooming and caring for bulldogs is also important for them as it is to you.

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