Eye Tear Wipes

Eye Wipes for Bulldogs

Two of the bulldog’s best and unique assets are their eyes and wrinkles. Their wrinkles are one of the reasons why Bulldogs are so popular. They add personality and uniqueness to them. However this may also cause problems to. These wrinkles tend to collect bacteria and dirt or in some cases, these wrinkles trap moisture due to excessive tearing which also happens to be a common problem among Bulldogs. These excess tears or sometimes when not properly dried out after every bath, keep their wrinkles wet Moisture and dirt once trapped in these folds or wrinkles can cause bad odor or worst–an infection. If left untreated, this may lead to itchiness in the face or even to serious system infections which may lead to the dog’s demise in health. The best way to avoid this is of course knowing how to clean your bulldogs face wrinkles and eyes properly.

When cleaning your Bulldog’s face you can use M&C Tear-UM, a cleanser with gentle formulation available at your nearest pet store, to cleanse away dirt or remove tear stains under the dog’s eyes. If you’re low on budget then you can either use wet washcloths, cotton balls or even unscented baby wet wipes, which must be gentle on your dog’s skin given that their skins are usually more sensitive than humans.

Bulldog Eye Drop

Bulldog Eye Drops

Clean your Bulldog’s face wrinkles and eyes on a daily basis.

When you wipe your dog’s wrinkles, be sure to be gentle and strokes must also be in uniform direction. It is best if you start first at the corner of the eyes. Be very careful not to irritate them as they are also very sensitive.

Next, lift the big flaps down on each side of the nose and again, wipe in one direction as this areas tend to gather more dirt than usual. It is best if you wipe these areas several times over and over again to ensure cleanliness but also remember to use another wet wipe or the other side of the cloth as they may also gather bacteria and dirt.

Once done, use another dry cloth to wipe the wrinkles and the areas in between the folds dry.

Do not forget to double check for signs of redness, odor and skin irritation. If present however, you can use soothing ointment or a diaper rash cream or better yet consult your friendly neighborhood veterinarian for some advice if you are not so sure of your dog’s condition. Also when cleaning your pets face, do not forget to talk to them in a friendly and sweet manner as this may help in stabilizing and controlling your pet’s behavior during the cleaning process.