How to Keep Your Bulldog Cool in the Summer

Heat strokes are one of the leading causes of bulldog deaths during warm weather. Because they are susceptible to overheating, it is important to keep your dog hydrated and out of the heat. To do this, make sure that your bulldog has access to cool, clean water to drink, and a maybe a pool or basin where he can cool off whenever he needs to.

French Bulldogs

The French Bulldog is a small dog related to the Bulldog. Although they look small and cute they are very strong, dominant and sometimes aggressive towards other dogs, yet they remain a great family companion which doesn't require lots of exercise. Frenchies as they are called come in a variety of colors.

Bulldog Cooling Bandana

When the scorching heat of the summer sun is causing troubles to your pet bulldog, have no fear! The bulldog cooling bandana is here!

How to Clip Your Bulldogs Nails

Clip your Bulldog’s toenails on a regular basis. It will prevent the nails from getting stuck in the carpet and making a clicking sound when walking around. Properly trimmed nails keep you, your family and your dog safe. Make sure you do it the right way by watching this video.

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Alleviate your Bulldog in Hot Weather

Always pay attention to your bulldog’s health especially during the warm seasons. Because bulldogs are prone to overheating, warm weather may mean that they are at risk of being dehydrated or overheating. Always see to it that they are properly hydrated and are able to stay in places that are cool enough where they can rest and regulate their temperature.

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How to Obedience Train Your Bulldog

Building a strong relationship and showing lots of positive reinforcement to your Bulldog are the important factors in making your Bulldog obedient and trainable.

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How to treat your Bulldog from a Cherry Eye Condition

The cherry eye is one of the common conditions that can affect your bulldog. Eyes are very sensitive, thus, this part of your bulldog must always be looked after to prevent infections and diseases. And while cherry eyes are not painful, they do get in the way of your bulldog’s cuteness. And when left untreated, might cause dryness to your bulldog’s eyes –or worse.

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Cleaning Bulldog’s Ears

A healthy bulldog is a clean bulldog. One of the reasons why some bulldogs get sick or infected easily is because they are not cleaned properly. Aside from the facial folds of the bulldogs, skin diseases and other infections can start in other places such as the ears. Here is how to properly clean your bulldog’s ears.

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How to Clean Your Bulldog’s Eyes and Face Folds

Your bulldog’s eyes and face are one of its most sensitive parts of the body. But because some bulldogs like to put their faces where they don’t belong, it could get easy for germs and diseases to enter their bodies through the eyes. Cleaning your bulldog’s eye and face folds will keep them away from infections and diseases.

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Bulldog with Unusual Symptoms

DogTown vet Dr. Mike Dix checks up on a one year old Bulldog mix breed called Wiggles. It seems that this Bulldog has some unusual symptoms and is trying to find out if this is life threatening or that his living conditions are manageable so that he can be adopted. Most likely these symptoms are caused by bad inbreeding.

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English Bulldog Breed Health Issues

The English Bulldog has it’s health issues so if you are interested in buying one from a breeder find out if they breed for health first, then temperament and then the looks.

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Chief, Another Skateboarding Bulldog

Here is another English Bulldog skateboarder named Chief. Chief has taken the initiative and started skateboarding without really being trained to do so. This proves that the ability to skateboard might just be in a Bulldog’s genes..

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How to Train Your Bulldog to Skateboard - Part 2

Part 2 of teaching your dog to skateboard. The most important thing is that the dog is happy when you teach him how to skateboard and that a dog should not be forced or abused into doing something just for a show-off purpose.

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