How to Keep Your Bulldog Cool in the Summer

Heat strokes are one of the leading causes of bulldog deaths during warm weather. Because they are susceptible to overheating, it is important to keep your dog hydrated and out of the heat. To do this, make sure that your bulldog has access to cool, clean water to drink, and a maybe a pool or basin where he can cool off whenever he needs to.

French Bulldogs

The French Bulldog is a small dog related to the Bulldog. Although they look small and cute they are very strong, dominant and sometimes aggressive towards other dogs, yet they remain a great family companion which doesn't require lots of exercise. Frenchies as they are called come in a variety of colors.

Bulldog Cooling Bandana

When the scorching heat of the summer sun is causing troubles to your pet bulldog, have no fear! The bulldog cooling bandana is here!

English Bulldog Breed Standards

While they may look brutish and angry, English bulldogs are great family pets. They can be one of the most loyal companions, excellent guard dogs, and the gentlest family pet to ever grace your home. They require only short walks and contented in small spaces, however may require a lot of veterinary attention as they can be prone to some conditions common in bulldog breeds.

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UGA the Mascot for the University of Georgia

You have probably seen many dogs that live like celebrities. Perhaps these dogs are even owned by celebrities too. But have you ever wondered if there’s a celebrity bulldog? Well, there is. And he’s not just your ordinary pet. This bulldog has come to represent an entire university, football team, and a whole state. This is the story of the University of Georgia’s mascot, Uga.

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Dominant Bulldog Pup in a Litter

Bulldogs are characterized by their bullhead attitude and their tendency to dominate other dogs. This could also be why sometimes they are referred to as bullies. While this is a natural behavior among dogs (especially in the wild), this can become a problem at home when your leadership is challenged.

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Toys for Bulldog Puppies

Bulldog pupies love chewable toys, balls and Choo-Hooves

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English Bulldog Puppy

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Bulldog Puppy Rolling and Trying to Get Back on His Feet

You have probably seen this video already. It’s that video of a cute French bulldog pup that can’t seem to get up from rolling over. At some point, you can hear the puppy’s breathing get harder and harder. Poor puppy! But there are far more serious problems that a French bulldog owner should be concerned about. Here are a few common health issues which French bulldogs might run into in their lifetime.

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How to Clean the Bulldogs Tail Pocket

Aside from a bulldog’s facial folds and ears, another area susceptible to infections and injuries is the bulldog’s tail pocket. This small pocket underneath the tail can sometimes be a starting point for rashes and raw patches. When left uncared for, these raw patches of flesh can breed infections. Here’s how you can clean your bulldog’s tail pocket

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