Dog Training Dvd'sThey say that bulldogs are one of the most stubborn dog breeds out there, and training a bulldog is just impossible. While the first part may be true for some (not all) situations, the latter part is just untrue. Bulldogs are very trainable dogs!

But how does one go about a bulldog puppy training? First of all, you need to remember that bulldogs can be stubborn at times and will go about doing their own things at home. So, before you do train your bulldog puppy, keep this in mind and remind yourself that it takes time and patience to train a puppy “especially a bulldog. And while nothing is instant, being able to accomplish something momentous as training your bulldog pup, is something to be proud.

When your pup is old enough to be trained, you can begin to housetraining. Start with crate training your bulldog pup. Although this may take some time for your bulldog puppy to master, being able to be comfortable inside a crate or an enclosure is something your dog should be able to do. Shortly after crate training, potty training your dog is your next priority. Your dog must learn where to and not to go potty at home. Again, these are very important concepts that should be taught first.

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After house training your pup, you are then ready to establish your position as the leader of the household. Establishing leadership, or alpha male status, is very important. As a pet owner, you must become the leader “and your puppy must recognize you as the head of the household. Your status as pack leader will help you greatly in teaching your dog various tricks. Leash and collar in one used by professional dog trainers and has been adapted for exercise walking and training.  But most importantly, it will be easy for you to discipline your dog. And since bulldogs can be bullheaded, but with your leadership, it is easy to keep them at bay.


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