Bulldog Health Issues Archives

Pet Insurance

Veterinary bills can sometimes get ridiculously high at times. But because we would like to guarantee that our bulldogs get the treatment they deserve, we continue to provide it to the best of our capabilities. But it’s a good thing that we can now purchase insurance plans for our pets. Read on if you want to learn more about pet insurance.

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Bulldog Allergies

Dog allergies may be caused by a number of things. However, one of the most common sources of dog allergies is food. Specifically, allergies in dogs are caused by food ingredients found in canned and kibble foods. To keep your dog from allergies, and save money in vet bills, just watch this video.

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Heartworms on Bulldogs

Heartworm infestation is a serious disease that affects bulldogs and other dog breeds. In recent studies about heartworms, they are even also known to infect cats as well. In very serious cases of infestation, heartworms occupy the chambers of the heart and leave your dog weak and even sick. Serious heartworm infestations have also claimed many dogs. To save your pet from such infestations, consider a regular preventive check up with your veterinarian.

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Hip Dysplasia in Bulldogs

Some dogs suffer from breed-related issues. Some of these problems mostly pertain to the health, if not the demeanor of the dog. For bulldogs, they are mostly prone to hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia is a malformation in the hip joints of the dog which can causes inflammation and severe pain. The cause of hip dysplasia can be attributed to several factors.

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Osteoarthritis in Bulldogs

Osteoarthritis affects many dogs with varying age and breed. However, no matter what age or breed the dog is, osteoarthritis is painful and will restrict your dog in many ways. Osteoarthritis commonly affects the hip joints, knees, and elbows of your dog. If you feel that your dog is suffering pain in these areas, consult your veterinarian or have your dog undergo a physical exam for diagnosis and the best possible treatment.

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Bulldog with Unusual Symptoms

DogTown vet Dr. Mike Dix checks up on a one year old Bulldog mix breed called Wiggles. It seems that this Bulldog has some unusual symptoms and is trying to find out if this is life threatening or that his living conditions are manageable so that he can be adopted. Most likely these symptoms are caused by bad inbreeding.

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English Bulldog Breed Health Issues

The English Bulldog has it’s health issues so if you are interested in buying one from a breeder find out if they breed for health first, then temperament and then the looks.

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